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          Contact us

          Add:Shengze west street, Wenshang county, Shandong, China
          Tel:0086 537 7289190    
          Fax:0086 537 7290875

          About us
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               Jining Lotus International Trade Co., Ltd, established in2001, which is one of the leading supplier of vegetables and fruits in China,specialized in exporting vegetables, fruits, agricultural products and other foodproducts. 

          Our company is located in Shandong province of China,which is abundant in agricultural products, our factory lies in the GarlicCapital---Jinxiang county Jining city, we built three workshops and 10000M/Tons of cold store for the storage of garlic and other products. 

          Our main products include:

          Vegetables: garlic, ginger, onion, potato, sweet potato, carrots,taro, cabbage, radish, etc

          Fruits: apples, pears, pomelo, orange, etc

          Nuts: peanuts, chestnut, beans, walnuts, etc

          Dehydrated products: dehydrated garlic powder, garlicgranule and garlic flakes, dehydrated onion powder, onion granule and onion slice 

          Up to now, our products have been exported to America,Europe, Japan, Middle East, South-east Asia, Africa and other countries andregions, especially our garlic and ginger have taken up a large proportion ofthe international market for a long time. By virtue of good quality, best priceand good service, we have won high business reputation and customers' trust inthe international market. 

          Considering the advantage of agricultural products in ourdistrict, we have established our own cultivating base with large dimension tomeet the ever-increasing international market demands, we can process all kindsof sizes and packages of our products all the year round. 

          We warmly welcome you to contact us for business cooperation.

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